Molly Wilson is a dynamic actress, singer, entertainer and writer from Vancouver, Canada. Molly tours Molly’s Comedy Cabaret, as well as her two children’s shows Search for the Christmas Penguin and Choose-Your-Own-Adventure – the Musical. An Ovation Award winning performer, Molly has delighted audiences in the UK, US and Canada. She has appeared in numerous plays, musical theatre shows and even been killed in a couple of indie films!

Molly trained at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta where she earned her Diploma in Theatre Arts. She is an experienced performance coach, specializing in song interpretation and performance and she has taught both improv and musical theatre. Molly is an extremely dedicated performer who is very passionate about the work she creates and very grateful for the opportunity to perform.

Bob the Stage Manager (aka Robert Wilson). Known for his scene stealing physical comedy and cheeky smile, Bob has always known he was a star. He has been working in theatre his whole life, and has performed both on stage and behind the scenes. Bob began his formal stage manager training as an apprentice in local theatre before joining the touring cast of Molly’s Comedy Cabaret. He hopes to finish that training soon. Bob is a fan of a cold, crisp Coca Cola and sneaking in extra stage time whenever he can.

Debbie “Hot Fingers” Wilson started life at an early age. She began her musical training playing the spoons, soon graduating to pots and pans and then wine glasses. Her creative passion isn’t limited to the keyboard alone, as she is also in charge of prop creation, kazoo maintenance, and rhinestone wrangling. When Hot Fingers isn’t knee-deep in cardboard and duct tape building a new prop, you can find her delivering workshops on leadership, creativity and improv. And sometimes she naps.

Drama Penguin knew from a young age that he would never fly so he committed himself to learning to soar. Growing up in the Calgary Zoo, he started in show business early, wowing crowds as a young chick with his incredible fish juggling variety show. He collected the pocket change he found on the ground outside his enclosure to save up for his biggest dream—Juilliard. Drama Penguin convinced the zoo to let him leave to attend school when he blew them away with his one-man show of Chekhov’s “The Seagull.” He made his way to New York, and after 10 years of intense study, he went on to become the most sought after Penguin in modern theatre. Some of Drama Penguin’s favourite credits are: “Lady Bracknell” in The Importance of Being Earnest, “Oberon” in Midsummer Nights Dream, “Scuttle” in The Little Mermaid and himself in Molly’s Comedy Cabaret.

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