Check out this great activity book we designed just for kids! In it, children can imagine and write about their own adventure, complete a crossword, navigate a maze, and create their own artwork. You can access the activity book below.

Each of us face challenges and obstacles on the path to our goals. Sometimes, we think we need to change who we are to fit in or that we need to live someone else’s dream for us. Believing in ourselves and our own unique talents and gifts is what Molly’s Choose Your Own Adventure – the Musical! is all about.

After watching the show, your students/children will be able to:

– Identify the problem that each character faced
– Explain the solution to each character’s problem
– Recognize that being different should be celebrated
– Create their own adventure to share with their classmates and friends

This activity book reinforces the key messages in Choose Your Own Adventure – the Musical. It also provides an opportunity for children to create their own characters and stories, letting them practice critical thinking, problem solving, language skills and creative writing.

You can access the Teacher/Parent Guide below.