What is Molly’s Comedy Cabaret?

Molly’s Comedy Cabaret is a comedic romp featuring the power house vocals of local actress and singer Molly Wilson. From Broadway to pop to Motown, there is never a dull moment — and every show features a strong likelihood of puppetry.
Check out the video below for a quick sample of the show, in under five minutes!

“With a vocal range as wide as Canada itself, Wilson has the chops to successfully pull off the music of Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, Queen and Whitney Houston to name a few. Add to that her delightful personality, endearing stories and comedic timing, and you’ve got “Molly’s Comedy Cabaret,” an enjoyable hour with your new bestie, Molly.”
– Orlando Sentinel

“Molly Wilson is wonderfully entertaining, and truly knows how to reach an audience.”
– Freeline Productions, Orlando

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